Windows Software
Ultrasound system - must be installed "TELEMED Drivers Package" and "Echo Wave II"
TELEMED Drivers Package, version 2.2.0:

Echo Wave II, version 4.3.0:

Previous drivers and EWII versions see here: EWII 32-bit, EWII 64-bit, drivers

Windows updates
For software operation is required properly working computer and Windows operating system with installed latest service packs, updates, turned on Windows Update (computer must have internet connection to download updates).
Before software installation Windows User Account Control must be set to "Never Notify": "Guided Help: Adjust User Account Control settings in Windows 7 and Windows 8"
Additional installation requirements for different Windows versions are listed below.
Windows 10
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5:

Windows 8.1
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5:

Windows 7
Windows update KB3033929: Availability of SHA-2 Code Signing Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Android Software
Echo Wave A, version 1.5.5:

Note 1.
OpenGL accelerated version. Recommended to install.
This version support MicrUs/MicrUs Pro scanners only.
Echo Wave A software manuals download from here.
Note 2.
Old CPU accelerated version 1.2.8 you can download from here.