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TELEMED to present new software tools for the researchers during IUS Symposium 2022 (10-13 October 2022, Venice, Italy).

Extending capabilities of its ArtUs RF Data Control Tool TELEMED now provides access to three levels of real-time data streams: RAW channel data, RAW beamformed RF data and image data. RAW data could be used for the development of novel parametric imaging techniques and biomarkers, while RAW channel data is essential for development of novel beamforming techniques, custom transmit focusing, plane wave imaging and etc. RAW and image data could be used for training and testing of deep learning or other algorithms for the improvements of image quality including detection and segmentation of clinically significant anatomical regions. See ArtUs Diagnostic System for Research flyer here.

Available tools:
  • TELEMED SDK C++ library. It provides access to raw and image data in real-time, possibility to record the data and full control of ultrasound scanning parameters.
  • DLL that provides possibility to link TELEMED SDK and other programming languages.
  • Collection of sample programs for real-time RAW data and image data acquisition, recording and revision of recorded data prepared for MATLAB, Python and LabVIEW environments.
  • Source codes for sample programs are provided.
If you are planning to attend this year’s IUS UFFC conference please stop by at Telemed booth to learn more about ArtUs system and discuss your needs.
Exhibition schedule 2022
Exhibition schedule 2021
  • March 3-10, ECR 2021 (Vienna, Austria), virtual exhibition
  • May 23-July 22, Arab Health 2021 (Dubai, UAE), virtual exhibition
  • May 25-27, International Medical Forum, booth B17 (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • October 6-8, Public Health 2021 (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • November 15-18, Medica 2021, booth 9C40, Hall 9 (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • November 28-December 1, RSNA 2021, booth 1903, South Hall Level 3 (Chicago, USA)
Exhibition schedule 2020
  • January 27-30, Arab Health 2020 (Dubai, UAE), booth S2.G70
  • May 19-21, IMF 2020 (Kiev, Ukraine) canceled due to the coronavirus
  • July 15-18, ECR 2020 (Vienna, Austria), canceled due to the coronavirus
  • October 7-9, Public Health 2020 (Kiev, Ukraine), canceled due to the coronavirus
  • November 16-19, Medica 2020 (Dusseldorf, Germany), booth 9/D58, canceled due to the coronavirus
  • November 29-December 4, RSNA 2020 (Chicago, USA), canceled due to the coronavirus
Exhibition schedule 2019
Exhibition schedule 2018
  • January 29-February 1, Arab Health 2018 (Dubai, UAE), booth R.A1
  • March 1-March 4, ECR 2018 (Vienna, Austria), booth 525 / Expo X5
  • October 29-November 1, CMEF 2018 (Shenzhen, China). Key persons from our company will be here. Want to meet?
  • November 12-15, Medica 2018 (Dusseldorf, Germany), booth 9 / D58
  • November 25-29, RSNA 2018 (Chicago, USA), booth 2309
Exhibition schedule 2017
  • January 30-February 2, Arab Health 2017 (Dubai, UAE), booth R.A01
  • March 2-5, ECR 2017 (Vienna, Austria), booth X5/31
  • July 23-27, ISB 2017 (Brisbane, Australia), booth 20
  • October 3-5, 26th International Medical Exhibition Public Health`2017 (Kiev, Ukraine), booth T-17
  • November 13-16, Medica 2017, hall 9 / booth D58 (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • November 27-30, RSNA 2017, hall B / booth 6024 (Chicago, USA)
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