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Telemed at RSNA 2022

We're very excited to have the opportunity to participate at RSNA exhibition this year and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Members of Telemed will be attending at RSNA 2022, November 27- 30, booth 2105 (Chicago/USA)

We would welcome the opportunity to schedule meetings with existing and potential partners, researchers, clinical specialists and product developers to discuss how Telemed products can be used for various applications and introduce new software and hardware options that further extends capabilities of our ultrasound scanners. You will be able to see well known SmartUs and ArtUs scanners, evaluate our latest MicrUs Pro scanner software and discuss future directions of Telemed’ OEM and end-user products.

If you are planning to attend this year RSNA conference and would like to arrange a meeting with us, you can respond directly to this e-mail.

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TELEMED to present new software tools for the researchers during IUS Symposium 2022 (10-13 October 2022, Venice, Italy).

Extending capabilities of its ArtUs RF Data Control Tool TELEMED now provides access to three levels of real-time data streams: RAW channel data, RAW beamformed RF data and image data. RAW data could be used for the development of novel parametric imaging techniques and biomarkers, while RAW channel data is essential for development of novel beamforming techniques, custom transmit focusing, plane wave imaging and etc. RAW and image data could be used for training and testing of deep learning or other algorithms for the improvements of image quality including detection and segmentation of clinically significant anatomical regions. See ArtUs Diagnostic System for Research flyer here.

Available tools:
  • TELEMED SDK C++ library. It provides access to raw and image data in real-time, possibility to record the data and full control of ultrasound scanning parameters.
  • DLL that provides possibility to link TELEMED SDK and other programming languages.
  • Collection of sample programs for real-time RAW data and image data acquisition, recording and revision of recorded data prepared for MATLAB, Python and LabVIEW environments.
  • Source codes for sample programs are provided.
If you are planning to attend this year’s IUS UFFC conference please stop by at Telemed booth to learn more about ArtUs system and discuss your needs.
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ArtUs RF Data Control implemented in Python, MATLAB and LabVIEW.

The next step in improvement of the tools for developers who require access to ultrasound RF data in a real time - a new upgrade of dynamic link library for the ArtUs scanner is available!
New version allows not only real-time ultrasound image data acquisition but also acquisition of RF data as well. Majority of ultrasound scanning parameters control is implemented and could be programmed for new applications.
  • Receive real-time ultrasound images + RF data in a platform convenient to you (MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW or others capable to call C++ DLL library linked to TELEMED SDK)
  • Sample programs with possibility to receive and record RF data for MATLAB, Python and LabVIEW are provided.
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Telemed is proud to announce the ArtUs EXT-1H ultrasound system has received 510(k) clearance from FDA, approval K211248.

ArtUs is compact and yet powerful application-based ultrasound device. Featured with high-speed USB3.0 interface it allows increase scanning speed without compromising image quality and provides real-time transfer RF ultrasound data to a PC. New "WideView" imaging mode maximizes viewing area for linear and convex transducers. Other features includes improved spatial compound available for linear and convex transducers, parallel beam forming, harmonics, B-steer imaging. The system is capable to drive high-density and high-frequency transducers delivering detailed, rich and wide dynamic range images. Software features include Echo Wave II with Speckle noise reduction as a standard package and optional research package: SDK library and advanced data processing and visualization procedures for MATLAB environment.
Ask our distributor in USA Acertara https://acertaralabs.com/ for the details about the ultrasound system.
Exhibition Schedule 2022

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