B to Lines 1.1.2:

  • this utility converts one B mode TVD/TPD file to multiply BIN files in the same folder
  • BIN file stores bytes of one scan line
  • useful tool for research purposes
  • available source code of this application
MicrUs / SmartUs Synchronisation Package, ver. 0.7:

  • manual
  • utility for configuring of MicrUs synchronisation port
  • utility for configuring of SmartUs synchronisation port
ArtUs Synchronisation Package, ver. 1.4:

  • manual
  • utility for configuring of ArtUs synchronisation input/output signals
ArtUs RF Data Control, ver. 1.4.0:

  • manual
  • utility for scanning/saving RF data to disc
ArtUs RF Tools Package, ver. 6:

  • manuals
  • RF tools, MATLAB scripts, source codes
Python package, ver. 1:

  • Python RF data viewer (GUI)
  • RF data load script