MicrUs Pro scanners
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MicrUs Pro is a handheld personal ultrasound scanner based on a popular MicrUs platform. “Pro” stands for “probe” and “professional”: Its upgraded electronics and carefully designed printed circuit boards provide image quality appreciated by MicrUs customers while the size is minimized to fit into a transducer housing.

MicrUs Pro is an application-driven device and works with Windows and Android platforms on modern tablets and mobile phones.

Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows and Android can be provided on request for industry, developers or research teams.

Note: CE certification in process.

MicUs Pro is available in 3 versions:
  • MicrUs Pro-L40S (linear, 5-12 MHz, 40 mm)
  • MicrUs Pro-L40N (linear, 5-12 MHz, 40 mm, performance version)
  • MicrUs Pro-C60S (convex, 2-5 MHz, R60 mm)
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MicrUs Pro scanner includes:
  • MicrUs Pro scanner (available 3 models)
  • USB Type-C cable
  • disinfection cap
  • software, set-up manual, operation manual (supplied on USB memory stick)
Detailed system specifications and comparison with other systems see here (soon)
Available models
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MicrUs Pro-L40S
Frequency: 5-12 MHz
Length 40mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts

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MicrUs Pro-L40N
Frequency: 5-12 MHz
Length 40mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts

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MicrUs Pro-C60S
Frequency: 2-5 MHz
Radius: 60mm
abdominal, obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts

Ultrasound images, scanned by Echo Wave II
More MicrUs ultrasound video/images you can see here.